About Us

The DDX3X Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2016 to find a cure for DDX3X gene mutations. As part of our mission, the Foundation will support existing research, education, and treatment programs focused on DDX3X gene mutations. The Foundation has three primary functions: research, connecting families, and raising awareness.

Formed by parents of DDX3X children, we understand the challenges associated with raising a child with a DDX3X gene mutation. Many of the families affected by DDX3X went years without knowing the cause of their child’s delays. We exist to connect and support you.

Our Mission

The DDX3X mutation is a new discovery with a small patient base. In order to encourage research, families must be advocates and must be easily reached by potential researchers. The DDX3X Foundation and the registry will be critical in meeting researchers’ needs. Our mission is to spread awareness of DDX3X mutation, support families, and encourage research.

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