Finding Our Tribe Has Made All the Difference as We Navigate Our Daughter’s Disability
Originally posted on The Mighty I sit here, on a plane, traveling back from San Diego where our family has...
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A Small Request to the People Who Pray for My Child With Special Needs
Originally posted on The Mighty My daughter Emelyn’s first year was probably the toughest emotionally....
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Newly Discovered Rare Disease Unites Parents, Researchers
Originally published in The San Diego Union-Tribune by Bradley J. Fikes More than 100 people gathered in...
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Lucy Douglas photo wearing a dark blue shirt and a helmet
Lucy Douglas
Our sweet Lucy was diagnosed in October 2016 with DDX3X. The pregnancy and delivery of Lucy was completely...
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Mason Platt on his wheelchair
Mason Platt
Mason was diagnosed in March 2017 with DDX3X and has been confirmed as ‘de novo’. He is now 7...
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Rose Michel
Rose was born the 3rd of May 2014 in Paris, France. We did not notice any initial developmental challenges...
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A mother and daughter lovingly hugging each other in a green field
Recently Diagnosed with DDX3X?
Steps to connect, gather resources, and further DDX3X research If your child has just been diagnosed with...
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Nico and Josie, our identical twins
Nico & Josie
Nicole Marie “Nico” and Josephine Jude “Josie” Mueller are our identical twin daughters that were...
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A speaker stands before the family day attendees discussing about some topics on the projector board
Previous Family Days
Watch our announcements for 2020 Family Day! Watch video presentations from past Family Day events: 2019 San...
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