A mother and daughter lovingly hugging each other in a green field
Recently Diagnosed with DDX3X?
Steps to connect, gather resources, and further DDX3X research If your child has just been diagnosed with...
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Nico and Josie, our identical twins
Nico & Josie
Nicole Marie “Nico” and Josephine Jude “Josie” Mueller are our identical twin daughters that were...
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A speaker stands before the family day attendees discussing about some topics on the projector board
Previous Family Days
Next Family Day is in San Antonio, TX in November of 2019! Watch video presentations from past Family Day...
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Assistive Devices for DDX3X
Many of our DDX3X Children require assistance for day-to-day activities. Our group of active DDX3X parents...
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A father happily carrying his daughter on his neck with an outdoor background of trees and mountains
Welcome Letter to Parents
Hello and welcome to the Gene DDX3X Facebook community.  If your child was just diagnosed, we all understand...
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Virginia Frances in her swimsuit enjoying the beach
Virginia Frances
Our sweet Virginia was born in March of 2005. After a completely normal pregnancy, she was breech, so the...
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Families of girls with genetic mutation bond at the Special Clinic Family Day
Families of girls with genetic mutation bond at Special Clinic Family Day
Originally posted on Lancaster Online Eric and Riley Naff’s daughter Mila was a handful when she was a...
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A cutl little girl wearing a headdress and smiling
DDX3X: When Whole Exome Sequencing Reveals a Gene Variant that Science Hasn’t Caught Up To
Originally posted at Global Genes In August 2011, we welcomed our third child into our family. After an...
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A woman sitting by the window looking outside
Local researchers help uncover genetic mutation that causes intellectual disability in girls
Originally posted at Lancaster Online Local researchers at the Clinic for Special Children in Strasburg have...
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