Our 5th Annual DDX3X Family Day will be in San Antonio, Texas from November 14th to 17th, 2019.


  • Thursday, November 14th: arrive; welcome dinner at 6 pm at the hotel in a private ballroom
  • Friday, November 15th:
    • medical conference for adults only in the hotel in a private room where doctors and scientists will present to families
    • sitters will be provided in a nearby room at the hotel at an extra charge
    • dinner at 6 pm at the hotel in a private room
  • Saturday, November 16th: visit Morgan’s Wonderland in the morning and take a Riverwalk Boat Cruise in the late afternoon; dinner will be on your own
  • Sunday, November 17th: depart


We’ve reserved hotel rooms at the Hilton Palacio del Rio which is right on the Riverwalk. Prices start at $169 for a double with no charge for children and $219 for four people in a room. Air mattresses and cribs will be available on a first come, first serve basis when you book.


The conference meal costs are $140 per adult and $100 per child and include:

  • Thursday’s welcome dinner
  • breakfast, lunch, and snacks on Friday at the medical conference
  • Friday’s dinner

Note: If your child has dietary restrictions and will not be eating the meals, just don’t sign up when we circulate the signup.

The cost to attend the conference on Friday is $100 for the first adult in the family and $50 for each additional adult in your family.


Saturday’s group activities include a trip to Morgan’s Wonderland in the morning and the Riverwalk Boat Cruise in the late afternoon. Morgan’s Wonderland will require transportation, however, all other activities are walkable. There will be an additional charge for these activities. Saturday dinner is not planned.


COMING SOON! A signup genius for registration and payment will be available soon, but we wanted to get everyone to start thinking about plans and availability as soon as possible! Our group now includes over 350 children. We are hoping many are able to attend and we’ve worked very hard to keep prices as low as possible. We’re counting the days already!

Watch presentations from previous Family Day.