Emelyn Grace wearing her green sweater and smiling

Emelyn Grace

We welcomed Emelyn to our family in March of 2013. She’s about the most laid-back child you’ll ever meet with a giggle that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Whether it’s splashing in the bathtub, paddling around the pool, or simply washing her hands, Emelyn is happiest when she’s around water. Out of water, Emelyn finds joy in listening to her favorite songs, turning the pages in one of her favorite books, playing instruments, or exploring her surroundings with her signature crawl. While she prefers music therapy and hippotherapy, she works hard in PT, OT, and speech.

After two years of diagnoses that didn’t quite fit, the DDX3X diagnosis has allowed our family to connect with other families whose beautiful daughters’ share the very same smiles, expressions, and laughs as our Emelyn.

Emelyn is fortunate to have countless supporters, with her big sister, Aubrey, as her biggest fan. To learn more about our journey of hope, love, and giggles visit raisingemelyngrace.blogspot.com.