Emelyn Grace

Emelyn is a social butterfly with a giggle that brings a smile to the face of every person she meets. Emmy, as she’s affectionately known by most, loves water, music, books, and people. She’s yet to meet a stranger. Despite the lack of verbal language, she has developed an extensive vocabulary of sign language and loves when others sign with her. Her parents attribute early, intensive ABA therapy to Emelyn’s development of sign language and her smooth transition into a mainstream public elementary school.

After two years of diagnoses that didn’t quite fit, the DDX3X diagnosis has allowed Emmy’s family to connect with other families whose beautiful children share the very same smiles, expressions, and laughs as their Emelyn.

Emelyn is fortunate to have countless supporters, with her sisters Aubrey and Hattie, as her biggest fans. To learn more about Emelyn’s journey of hope, love, and giggles visit raisingemelyngrace.blogspot.com.