Kate wearing a green ribbon on hair, smiling


Kate was born on October 9, 2008 after an uneventful pregnancy. Early on she had a terrible time sleeping, abnormal cry and was unable to keep down feedings. We were referred to a specialist when Kate was six months old and were told that she didn’t “look like a normal baby.” As each birthday passed, Kate was not meeting her milestones and was falling far behind her peers.

Kate is globally developmentally delayed, non-verbal and has autistic characteristics. She attends school in a severe/profound program where she continues to make slow but steady progress. This past year she has had amazing growth and is now able to identify shapes, colors, animals, numbers and letters by pointing!

Kate has a delightful way of making those around her smile by her contagious giggle, big dimples, curly hair, wet kisses and her love of Pete the Cat. We have no doubt that the future is bright for our tater tot!