Peyton Grace wearing her red headband and smiling

Peyton Grace

Peyton is our smart and joyful daughter who is full of spunk and a ton of fun. She brings happiness to everyone that is lucky enough to know her. All of these things trump her DDX3X diagnosis.

Peyton has difficulty with every aspect of her development as well as 3 types of seizures, extreme sleep difficulties and struggles to regulate her body temperature. She also does not process pain as intensely as others. With a lot of hard work, Peyton has made HUGE developmental progress thru OT, PT, DT, ST and developmental preschool. She also has gained seizure control thru the ketogenic diet and AEDs. Everyday, she does something that amazes us and we have so much hope for what her future holds!

Receiving the DDX3X diagnosis has brought us a lot of mixed emotions, but the knowledge and support shared from the other DDX3X families has been wonderful.