A father happily carrying his daughter on his neck with an outdoor background of trees and mountains

Welcome Letter to Parents

Hello and welcome to the Gene DDX3X Facebook community.  If your child was just diagnosed, we all understand it can be a very scary and overwhelming experience.  You will find a lot of support and information here and in our Facebook group.

RECENTLY DIAGNOSED WITH DDX3X? page (https://ddx3x.org/recently-diagnosed-ddx3x/) provides some of the key information to get you started but there is a lot more to learn in the Facebook group’s timeline. If you are interested in something specific do a quick search in the timeline first, post your question if you don’t find what you are looking for.

A simple and comprehensive summary of DDX3X is available in this document from RareChromo.org.

For more information read DDX3x manuscript (The American Journal of Human Genetics 97, 1–10, August 6, 2015): Mutations in DDX3X Are a Common Cause of Unexplained Intellectual Disability with Gender-Specific Effects on Wnt Signaling.