Grant Program

The DDX3X Foundation’s grant program supports innovative research from some of the world’s best scientists. Our grants program aims to support new investigators who are just starting on their research careers, established DDX3X researchers who want to explore new areas, and researchers outside the DDX3X field who want to apply their expertise to DDX3X.

Overview of the DDX3X Foundation Grant Program

The DDX3X Foundation is dedicated to supporting research to advance the understanding and treatment of DDX3X Syndrome. We invite applications for funding on a rolling basis for unsolicited proposals and in response to a Request for Applications as funds allow.

The DDX3X Foundation accepts applications in all areas of research relevant to DDX3X Syndrome, but we are particularly interested in supporting projects that will lead to new interventions to alleviate the symptoms associated with DDX3X Syndrome and those that may result in a cure. 

The DDX3X Foundation accepts applications from academic, government, non-profit or for-profit research entities. This grant program will be useful for junior faculty in the early stages of their careers, established investigators in other areas of research who wish to enter the field of DDX3X research, or investigators in the DDX3X field who are seeking funding to support pilot studies in a new area of DDX3X research.

The DDX3X Foundation has an indirect cost policy of 8%. Proposals may not include indirect costs of more than 8% of the overall project budget.

Applications meeting the technical requirements are reviewed by scientific reviewers. Final funding decisions are based on scientific merit, relevance to DDX3X, and the suitability of the research with respect to the programmatic goals of The DDX3X Foundation.

If you have questions, please contact [email protected]

Grant Application Deadlines

The DDX3X Foundation accepts grant proposals on a rolling basis. Please submit your proposal via email to [email protected]. Review our previously funded projects here.

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