Lynsey Curry

Lynsey is a Speech-Language Pathologist of 15 years and has worked with a wide variety of diagnosis and age levels. She is currently working at a preschool where she takes special care in developing relationships with the students and parents that are walking a similar journey of her own. Lynsey’s daughter, Eva, was born in 2015 and diagnosed in early 2019 with DDX3X Syndrome. Eva is non-verbal and Lynsey has worked incredibly hard at learning how to implement and educate Eva’s team about the use of her Alternative-Augmentative Communication (AAC or talker) device. She lives in Colorado with her husband and two children. They love doing the typical Colorado activities of hiking, skiing and general outdoorsy things. Lynsey is excited to be able to share her knowledge of speech disorders with the leadership team and parents as many of the children with DDX3X Syndrome have challenges surrounding the area of communication.

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