Adorable Mila sitting and smiling


Mila came into our world the day after her due date on September 9, 2012 following a “typical” pregnancy/no complications. Immediately, however, we noticed she was hard to soothe and to nurse. Within a few months, our pediatrician suggested genetic testing, and our journey into a sense of anxiety, isolation, but ultimately, rich community had begun.
After testing negative for everything explored, Mila had whole exome sequencing and the DDX3X mutation was found (though not known yet as the cuprit.) Once DDX3X began being named, we found the wonderful community of families we’ve come to know and love.
In the meantime, Mila received DT, PT, OT, and speech therapy. She is in a multineeds Pre-K and loving the socialization. Mila is nonverbal but has begun to figure out how to communicate with her world. She loves music, water, and people. Mila’s soul shines through her smile.
We never knew how much we’d grow, learn, and love through having Mila. We are so very lucky.